Welcome to Let's Move Pilates! I'm Rachel Buckley and I teach regular Pilates classes in central Cambridge and Newmarket. I teach daytime mat classes at the Bodywise Studio on Gwydir Street, as well as private classes using the reformer at Dynamic Osteopathy Cambridge in central Cambridge. I also teach small group and private classes at PhysiOptima in Newmarket for clients who are referred for Pilates after physiotherapy treatment. 

I teach all levels of Pilates from beginners to intermediate-advanced, as well as Pilates for well being which is modified for older adults and people recovering from injuries.

Pilates is a form of movement which can help to relieve a wide range of conditions including back and neck pain, shoulder impingement, hypermobility and muscle imbalances. Because Pilates develops the body uniformly, it can help alleviate muscle imbalances which can cause poor posture and faulty movement patterns.  

Regular Pilates classes can help to improve your core strength and postural alignment and re-educate your body to restore healthy and pain-free movement. Pilates movements can also help to improve your flexibility, balance, co-ordination and stability. As a result you will move more efficiently - which is why it's good for everyone from desk workers and older adults to runners and dancers.